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Thread: Annoying behavior when typing accents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bequimao View Post
    Now I see the same behaviour with my German dead tilde keyboard.
    It's also happening with Firefox and a German “no dead keys” keyboard …
    • But, not with all key sequences – only some things which don't misbehave on this Laptop keyboard – only with my Cherry keyboard on the Desktop machine …

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    I have a German keyboard as well, and the T3 keyboard with lots of dead keys. (^ ` ´ ˙ˇ¨ ¯ ˝ ˘ ~ ° ̉ ̛ ¸,˛ ̣ ), and this isn’t limited to firefox and gtk application, it’s everywhere, even xterm has it.

    Though I don’t really consider it annoying per se (though I could live without it), as I’m quite proficient with the dead keys of my keyboard, I mean there’s a reason I’ve activated the T3 keyboard layout, Şơ ı cøűłð ŵŕïŧə æll þiſ without using the character map, heck I even get uppercase ẞ, proper feet (′) and inch (″) characters, ≤ ≥ and much more. Too bad the German T3 layout was retired in favor of the E1/E2. With the T3 I have a proper Cherry keyboard with the keys correctly labelled, no real hardware with the E1 exists. (,

    I wouldn’t mind being able to deactivate it, though.

    If the appearance of these isn’t consistent, it’s maybe because some compose sequences get triggered?

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    And the must funny thing is that I still need to press keys at least 6 times to get ´´´ on firefox. At least now we can see a cut underline sign every time we type a dead key and there is nothing we can do to revert it ..


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