Hi folks. I recently found in the Games forum that Steam stopped launching for me because a recent change to my GPU driver software meant that I needed to install a 32 bit module which was separated off into its own package. Whilst I was looking for the package to install, I realised that during my initial installation of 15.3, I had somehow failed to notice the presence of nvidia-glG06 and associated packages, and had installed the nvidia-glG05 set, instead. Since my GPU is a GTX970 and the nvidia-glG06 packages support 700 series and above, I thought it would be sensible to switch from the nvidia-glG05 to the nvidia-glG06 group of packages at the same time. The television my computer uses as a display provides incorrect EDID information which results in font sizes so small that most characters displayed in the U.I, are barely bigger than 1 pixel by two pixels in size. I did have some notes saved somewhere on how to make the fonts readable again, but I lost them. I'm fairly sure I just modified my X11 config to disable the use of EDID, add a modeline from cvt, and then change to physical measurements of the screen to a different incorrect value which made the the font sizes readable (480mm × 270 mm ≈ 100 dpi)

After installing the the nvidia-glG06 versions of all the software, I restarted my computer and found that the text in the U.I. hadn't become unreadably small, but everything does look quite fuzzy and low resolution. I had a peek at my x11 configuration file wich I normally edit to correct the font sizes, just to see what it looked like, and it doesn't seem to have changed at all, so losing my notes on editing the config doesn't seem to be the problem I expected it to be, but that also seems to mean that the X11 config is being ignored. I had a look at my Display Configuration in the System Settings found in the Suse menu, and the settings I see there seem like they're probably what's in effect now, but they're totally wrong and there are no other options to choose from. The resolution setting is 1024×768, but my television is 1920×1080 (which would explain the stretched and fuzzy appearance) and the refresh rate is set to 76 Hz, but my television is 50 Hz. 1024×768 is the only resolution available in the resolution drop box, and 76 Hz is the only refresh rate available in the refresh rate drop box.

Like I said, the information in my /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-monitor.conf remains correct and unchanged, but it also seems to be completely ignored—they aren't even offered as options in the Display Configuration drop boxes.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Yes, glxgears does give me gears.