In general, the KDE desktop seems to have some, uh, "issues". Sometimes the panel on monitor 1 disappears altogether. On occasion, right-clicking on the main window to get to the "Activities..." menu item fails to pop up the Activity list. Every once in a while, switching to a different activity fails to load the wallpaper on one monitor, usually the right-hand one that I prefer to call monitor 2 but, well, read on...

Several times a day, seemingly at random, I've been finding that my dual monitor setup has monitor 1 (left) and monitor 2 (right) swap identities. Applications that I've configured to only appear on monitor 1 (via right-click->Special Window Settings) appear on monitor 2. Sometimes clicking on the main application launcher on the panel located on monitor 1 opens the application drop down menu on monitor 2. The panel I have setup on the edge of monitor 2 to hold the Activity switcher suddenly appears on what is supposed to be monitor 1 but KDE/Plasma probably now thinks is monitor 2. Audacious is supposed to display track information on monitor but winds up displaying it on monitor 2 despite my resetting it back to monitor 1 just the previous hour. Logging out and back in usually helps but not always. Jumping into the system settings and manually settings things to "normal" only fixes the problem for a little while.

This swapping misbehavior was once an occasional things but it's happening several time/day now. I thought it might have been tied to using a screensaver and screen locking but I've disabled those and the monitor switches have not stopped.

Q1: What software component might be affecting the monitor arrangement?

Q2: In what config file are these settings saved?

(I'm thinking of writing something that'll set/unset the immutable attribute on that config file to prevent changes from happening except when I want to make them... instead of whatever is swapping the monitor identities whenever I'm away at lunch, off at a meeting, etc.. But I see that as something of a last resort if the process that's making the changes cannot be tamed.)


Fixed in 15.4?