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Thread: MicroOS does not have video after boot

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    Question MicroOS does not have video after boot

    Hi there.
    The device is a RaspBerry Pi 3+.

    This is my first attempt to run MicroOS on RaspBerry Pi 3+.
    I am planning to use it on several hundred of RBPi devices to replace the current solution based on Arbiam.

    The boot went fine until the message on console:
    "Starting dracut initgroup hook..." (without 'OK') when I got a black screen and a few seconds later I got a "No Signal" message from monitor.

    I use combustion script to create an user for my own, set password using openssl | chpasswd for root an my own user, install ssh keys for both, add myself to sudoers.d and start sshd.
    Everything worked (not on first attempt, of course, LOL)

    But I still have no video output on HDMI.

    It is not the monitor or cable as I changed both (tried on a TV Philips, and on a Dell Monitor). Also, booting the same RBPi3+ with Arbiam 11, I got a text boot and a graphical mode running the default DE LX, no need to tweak anything.

    I've post on r/opensuse and someone (looks like he is a microos experienced user/dev) with a very long and complicated username (LOL) told me to try to create the /boot/efi/extraconfig.txt containing hdmi_safe=1
    I did and on next boot the initial video mode is 720p but later I lost video signal on the same point of boot ("Starting dracut initgroup hook..." )

    Of course I have remote access (ssh) but I need console output to technicians access the device to configure my app on first use (and eventually debug my app)

    I appreciate if anyone could guide me on debug this and fix the video output.

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    Default Re: MicroOS does not have video after boot


    I'm fighting with this issue as well.
    Is there any solution or has it been reported as a bug?
    Could you upload your combustion script?
    I read dracut is not correctly executing the cmb script..
    Do you use hdmi to vga converter?

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