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Thread: Visibility of upcoming GCC versions

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    Question Visibility of upcoming GCC versions

    Currently (2022-05-13), the latest GCC releases are 12.1 (release 2022-05-06) and 11.3 (release 2022-04-21). Where can we find information on their progress into Tumbleweed and Leap?

    Tumbleweed has GCC 12.1 packages, though the default compiler is still GCC 11.2.1. Both Tumbleweed and Leap have GCC 11 packages, but version 11.2.1 rather than 11.3.

    The devel:gcc project has GCC 11.3 and I'd expect this will eventually progress into Factory, Tumbleweed and SLE/Leap. How can we view progress to get an idea of when compiler upgrades are coming? Are there mailing lists where progress is discussed? Perhaps there are tasks that need done that we can contribute to.

    Is the devel:gcc request queue shows progress from devel:gcc into Factory. However, where can we see progress from Factory into SLE/Leap?

    Where can we see what's happening behind the scenes to deliver the latest compilers to the openSUSE family of Linux distributions?

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    For Tumbleweed, it will in snapshot 20220510 released today. There have been indications of this on the Factory mailing list - see my forum thread here

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    Question Re: Visibility of upcoming GCC versions

    Thanks, that answers when GCC 12 will become the default for Tumbleweed. This will help that version can plenty of testing before it reaches SLE and Leap in the autumn.

    How can I tell when the GCC 11.3 package will be promoted from devel:gcc up to Factory and then into SLE/Leap?

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    For others reading this, I didn't find out how to get visibility of GCC 11.3's passage through the SLE update process. However it has now reached Leap 15.3 and Leap 15.4.

    It would be useful to have visibility of progress between GCC release (21 Apr 2022) and the SLE patch (08 Jun 2022). That would let users know if it's a work-in-progress or if community assistance would be useful.

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    Default Re: Visibility of upcoming GCC versions

    I understand that this is something you want to know from the developers. But this is a user to user help forum. Not many developers ever come here.
    Henk van Velden

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