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Ok, thanks for clarifying. Yes, that check box is for enabling/disabling the printer.
FWIW, I see this is a commonly reported issue with HP printers. This old bug report may be of interest to you:

Apologies for the lag and many thanks for this pointer.
It's a little bit crazy that this thread has started on 2011 and we still have no more elegant solution.
It's how it is.

For the moment, I added a cron to root. I don't have news from my client so I guess it's ok.
* * * * * /usr/sbin/cupsenable HPofficejet8010
The only thing will be not to forget this ugliness if one day it should be finally corrected by HP.

Due to the age of this active problem, I think we can mark this thread as "resolved" (joke inside? )
Many thanks again to all.