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Thread: YaSt HTTP server - Multiple VirtualHost

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    Default YaSt HTTP server - Multiple VirtualHost


    New to openSUSE, I'm exploring and trying to readapt me from Debian and FreeBSD.
    I'm trying to configure 2 different hosts for a test : "host1.lan" and "host2.lan".
    I do it from terminal, no problem. But I don't succeed with YaSt HTTP Server, and I don't know why.
    Maybe someone can explain me what I'm doing wrong ?

    openSUSE (Server) is installed on a VM in VirtualBox, bridged interface. It's Leap 15.3
    I want to access the websites from my computer host, by adding 2 lines to /etc/hosts (I'm also on openSUSE but with KDE for Desktop)
    (echo "IP-SRV-SUSE host1.lan" >> /etc/hosts
    echo "IP-SRV-SUSE host2.lan" >> /etc/hosts)

    I) from terminal : it works.
    Here are the settings for host1.lan

    su -
    zypper in -y apache2 && systemctl enable apache2
    mkdir -p /srv/www/host1.lan
    echo "welcome to host1.lan" > /srv/www/host1.lan/index.html
    cd /etc/apache2/vhosts.d/
    cp vhost.template host1.lan.conf
    vi host1.lan.conf
    <VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerName host1.lan
    DocumentRoot /srv/www/host1.lan
    ErrorLog /var/log/apache2/host1.lan-error_log
    CustomLog /var/log/apache2/host1.lan-access_log combined
    <Directory "/srv/www/host1.lan">
    Require all granted
    # ESC :wq
    systemctl restart apache2
    systemctl start firewalld
    firewall-cmd --add-port=80/tcp
    firewall-cmd --runtime-to-permanent

    Now, host2.lan (same method)

    mkdir -p /srv/www/host2.lan
    echo "welcome to host2.lan" > /srv/www/host2.lan/index.html
    cd /etc/apache2/vhosts.d/
    cp vhost.template host2.lan.conf
    vi host2.lan.conf
    <VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerName host2.lan
    DocumentRoot /srv/www/host2.lan
    ErrorLog /var/log/apache2/host2.lan-error_log
    CustomLog /var/log/apache2/host2.lan-access_log combined
    <Directory "/srv/www/host2.lan">
    Require all granted
    # ESC :wq
    systemctl restart apache2

    I have the 2 websites working from the browser of my host.. (http://host1.lan and http://host2.lan).

    II) Now, the problem : YaSt HTTP Server.
    For this example, I will add another vhost (host3.lan).

    mkdir -p /srv/www/host3.lan
    echo "welcome to host3.lan" > /srv/www/host3.lan/index.html
    zypper in -y yast2-http-server
    # Network Services -> HTTP Server
    It detects my manual configurations for host1.lan and host2.lan,, tells me that my settings could be dropped, I go on.

    First, I "Open Port in Firewall" (80). Then Next.
    Secondly, the Main Host, I change nothing. All By default.
    I see host1 and host2 in the Hosts tab, I explore and notice the settings.. in order to know how to do it for host3.lan

    So, I add host3.lan
    here is the configuration for host3.lan

    Server Identification
    Server Name :
    Server Contents Root :
    Administrator E-Mail

    Server Resolution
    VirtualHost (x) Determine Request Server by HTTP Headers
    *:80 ( ) Determine Request Server by Server IP Address

    Directory Index

    I Finish with YaSt, come back to my computer add the host3.lan to my /etc/hosts and when I try to access from my browser (http://host3.lan)
    tadam... I access to... host1.lan index.html !
    host2.lan also become host1.lan.
    And when I try to access to host2.lan, I access host1 index also ! And I checked everything, index.html are all specific to the vhosts. path are all ok to... what's wrong ?!

    Maybe I don't understand how to create several virtualhosts with YaSt HTTP Server...
    I know how to do mannually, but not with YaSt...

    Anyone can explain me ? Or send me to a howto with yast http server configuration with several vhosts ?

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    Default Re: YaSt HTTP server - Multiple VirtualHost

    If you look at generated configuration, YaST creates VitrualHost directives with "*" without explicit port number and template has "*:80" with explicit port number. My best guess is that more specific directive wins.

    If you create all of them using YaST, it works correctly.

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    Default Re: YaSt HTTP server - Multiple VirtualHost

    Interesting. Thank You, I'll check that :-)

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