Hello all,

I have a running openSuse laptop that I've been using for years, and that I just upgraded from Leap 15.2 to Leap 15.3 and I have constant issues with the display, very probably caused by the NVIdia proprietary drivers with KDE.
I'm working from home, so my setup is slightly atypical, I guess: I have one Linux account for work, and another one for everything else. I usually leave them logged in, and switch from one to the other when needed. And it's the switch that seems to cause issues: whenever I'm switching, right in the login screen asking for my password, the text is often garbled: either some characters are missing, or all text is displayed as vertical lines. And if I log in, strange things often happen: text garbled again, or screen locker displaying incorrectly, from not wanting to display the entry for the password to a completely black screen.
On Leap 15.2, I was using a workaround: I had a global keyboard shortcut restarting the whole display environment by running the commands "kquitapp5 plasmashell" then "kstart5 plasmashell". That seemed to make things better: the text was back to normal, and the screen locker was working again. It seems it is no more enough on Leap 15.3, because I keep getting issues after restarting everything: text is displayed correctly, but I still have screen locker issues, also compositor crashing, and I even had my disk filled up with a file xorg-session.log that became huge, probably because of errors...
I have a second monitor in addition to the laptop one, but I don't think it's the problem here, since it also happens when the laptop screen is used alone.

Is this a known issue? Should I just not do that - it would be a bit annoying but I guess I can live with it? Or is there something wrong with what I'm doing? I have little knowledge about where to find what can be the root cause of the issue, so any pointer in the right direction to help me figure out what's actually happening would be very welcome. By the way, it is not a graphics card issue, as it has just been replaced and it's basically brand new. The card is a Quadro P3200, and the NVidia drivers were installed from the repository listed in the community repos.