I use AutoYast and Cobbler to image machines returned to me by developers. The individual machines are all roughly the same (e.g. same CPU, same boot disk, etc) with the main exception being drive counts (some might have additional drives aside from the boot drive).

To return the machine to a "pristine" state, I have a pre-script in my AutoYast XML template that is supposed to wipefs -a all devices before the partitioning process. I use a pre-script, since AutoYast only touches the boot drive. Other drives are just wiped for future developer use.

In some cases, I have seen an error very early in the AutoYast process during the "Probing Hard Disks" phase. It tries to mount a file system that is incomplete (e.g. multi-device BTRFS with a missing device, corrupt file system needing fsck, etc-- I don't know what was done to put the machine in this state and am not in a position to prevent such actions). I would have hoped that my pre-script would have prevented this by clearing all devices of any file system information before hard disk probing, but this does not seem to be occurring. This can sometimes require manual intervention on my part and slows down my processes.

Is it possible to prevent AutoYast from mounting file systems it finds on devices during its initialization? I can understand that it needs to discover what hardware is present, but am puzzled why it tries to mount any filesystems it finds.

I have tried the following so far:
1) pre-script to wipefs -a all block devices (as mentioned above)
2) pre-script to check for any mdraid devices and stop and destroy them
3) disabled os-probing (this seemed to help slightly -- but not completely)

I was not able to find a mention of a similar issue regarding pre-scripts in the Suse bugzilla (Maybe this is a problem just with OpenSuse 15.0).

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!