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Thread: KMail/Akonadi not getching Google contacts

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    Default KMail/Akonadi not getching Google contacts

    This may have been asked in non-English but I'm ignorant.

    KMail is pretty much working but now my contacts are empty. They are present on GMail itself but aren't fetching to Akonadi. The latter's console also does not show detail so looks like the issue is there. Mail and calendar are OK but contacts aren't.

    The issue also seems present on Mageai so not isolated to OpenSuse.

    I've tried removing the address book and re-adding Google as a source.
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    Default Re: KMail/Akonadi not getching Google contacts

    Same problem here
    I did not find anything about it on the KDE forums but I found this:

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    Exclamation Re: KMail/Akonadi not getching Google contacts

    There was this thread related to GMail issues – <>.

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