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Thread: Firefox 91.2.0 ESR unusable on LEAP (15.2 and 15.3)

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    Default Firefox 91.2.0 ESR unusable on LEAP (15.2 and 15.3)

    I read some other posts around Firefox but I wasn't entirely sure this was the same issue.

    An update came down last week for Firefox, from 78.9 to 91.2.0 ESR. I've never had any problems with Firefox until then. It is unusable. Clicking on the menu's are slow although they do sluggishly appear, but not all work on click. Neither the location/address or search works at all.

    As I was running LEAP 15.2, I had intended to upgrade that, so went through the usual very straightforward process of upgrade to LEAP 15.3.

    After upgrade, Firefox was back to 78.9 and worked fine, first set of updates came down and then updated again to 91.2.0 and same unusable state.

    Is there anything I can do, anything I can disable/check in config files that might help? I noticed there was a 93.0 out also but can't seem to get it on the standard repos?

    I've resorted to installing Opera from YAST for now, but would really like Firefox back!

    I'm running a 2nd gen Thinkpad Carbon X1 if that has any bearing because of graphics compatibility, etc.

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    Default Re: Firefox 91.2.0 ESR unusable on LEAP (15.2 and 15.3)

    I don't particularly like the changes for 91.2.0esr. But it is still usable, even if a bit more annoying.
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    Default Re: Firefox 91.2.0 ESR unusable on LEAP (15.2 and 15.3)

    I do not encounter any problem with Firefox 91.2.0esr except that the KDE-Plasma extension seems to have disappeared.
    You might try to uninstall Firefox completely and install it again.
    And/Or you could try empty your .mozilla directory (but do not forget to make a back-up of the files in question, so that you will be able to import the things you need)

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    Default Re: Firefox 91.2.0 ESR unusable on LEAP (15.2 and 15.3)

    Hmm, turns out that when I type in the location box, no text appears, but if I type e.g., minimise the browser and then maximise it, it does actually go to the page!

    Will give that a whirl...

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    Default Re: Firefox 91.2.0 ESR unusable on LEAP (15.2 and 15.3)

    After some playing with this...

    Removing Firefox 91.2.0 ESR entirely, trashing .mozilla, and re-installing didn't work.

    Then did the same, but installed from a different repo. Same behaviour.

    Grabbed 78.15.0 ESR directly from Firefox FTP. Works.

    Grabbed 93 directly from Firefox FTP. Same problem as 91.2.0 ESR.

    Starting to wonder whether this is indeed related to the changes re. OpenGL/Webrender, I changed the gfx.webrender.all setting to true in Firefox 78 - that then became unusable in the exact same manner as 91.2.0 and 93. Was a bit of a pain trying to change the setting back to false again having to type, minimise/maximise Firefox to refresh the screen, but sure enough, 78.15.0 ESR works fine with Webrender disabled.

    Is there anything I can do? Is my hardware simply not going to support it?

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    Default Re: Firefox 91.2.0 ESR unusable on LEAP (15.2 and 15.3)

    And we're back with 91.2.0 ESR!

    Did some searching, and gave changing the setting from false to true a try with some persistence, and after a restart all is well again.

    Whether its the hardware that is now old, or driver compatibility, I'm not sure, but this setting works (for now at least!).

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