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Thread: Strange behaviour in GTK aplications in plasma

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    Default Re: Strange behaviour in GTK aplications in plasma


    I also had problems with GTK applications in the KDE 5.23 Update:
    - GTK open/save menu in Firefox and Thunderbird instead of KDE menu
    - presentations in Libreoffice did not allow to use the second screen for the presention

    Solved today, with the new OpenSuse Tumbleweed Update (which included many KDE files).



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    Default Re: Strange behaviour in GTK aplications in plasma

    I have similar good results to report after a 15.3 update.
    Thank You bug chasers
    Desk: Ryzen5 Leap 15.1
    Lap: HPDV7T i7 Leap 15.2

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    Default Re: Strange behaviour in GTK aplications in plasma

    Quote Originally Posted by tannington View Post
    Not only those... There are configuration settings also in ~/.local

    Unlikely, I think there's something "seriously" amiss with your user profile...

    If you've not done too much customisation I'd tend to rename all configuration directories, they will be recreated with defaults on next login.

    Logout from KDE and switch to a virtual terminal (ctrl-alt-F2), login as your normal user. Then:

    First delete the cache:

    rm -rf ~/.cache
    Then rename the the directories/files containing configuration files etc, and logout from VT2

    mv ~/.config ~/dot-config
    mv ~/.local ~/dot-local
    mv ~/.gtkrc-2.0 ~/dot-gtkrc-2.0
    Switch back to the graphics terminal (ctrl-alt-F7) and login as your normal user, you should then have all default settings.

    As I thought it may be a GTK issue first I tried to remove only the cache and the .gtkrc-2.0 ..... it didn't work.
    Then I tried to use Exec=GTK_USE_PORTAL=1 option. I liked it because I way prefer native dialogs.... but the issue continued happening.
    Then I removed .config and .local and the firefox, thunderbird.. worked fine, so it seemed to be a issue of my profile.
    But as I have a lot of configuration I restore them to their previous state to try a more fine searching of the problem when I had free time.
    I was In the process of changing my computer. I had installed a new Opensuse 15.3 in a new hardware, I created the users with the same ids than in my PC, and I rsynced my whole /home to the new PC ...... and in the new PC the issue with tb and ff has dissapeared with the same user profile that fails in the old one, so it is not completely a profile issue.

    best regards

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