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Thread: libQT5WebEngine seems faulty

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    you have been very helpful, I'm not new here but a rare visitor and was unable to remember/recover my password, henceforth I will be GoPanda,

    the curiosity is that until the Tumbleweed update GoPanda worked fine (for years) it didn't help that qtengine was playing up, either...

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    Default Re: libQT5WebEngine seems faulty

    In the "Audacity" thread you posted:

    The following 6 packages are going to be upgraded:
      glibc glibc-extra glibc-lang glibc-locale glibc-locale-base

    At the start of this thread you said your issues began "after a major update" - I'm guessing that was snapshot 20210920 which was a complete rebuild of all packages because of the glibc update.

    Possibly (the appimage) gopanda2 needs to be rebuilt against the latest glibc. Although it was my understanding that glibc was backwards compatible, ie an application built with an eariler version will work correctly with a later.

    Probably worth passing on the fact that an update to glibc appears to have broken gopanda2 to the gopanda2 developers.
    Regards, Paul

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    It looks like glibc is the culprit, I had my report

    marked as duplicate of this

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