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Thread: KDE Taskbar Mini Desktops Behavior

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    Default KDE Taskbar Mini Desktops Behavior

    My setup is two monitors.

    One monitor is setup through a KVM switch, so I can switch between two computers on that one monitor.

    By default, System Settings->Startup and Shutdown->Background Services has Startup Services/KScreen 2 running. KScreen 2 allows KDE to reconfigure the desktop screens, as necessary, whenever a monitor is added or disconnected, a very handy feature.

    In my situation, I do not want KScreen 2 to do what it does normally, as whenever I switch the KVM to the other computer, the main computer will reconfigure the desktop to a single monitor. By disabling KScreen 2, I can use the KVM switch to peek at the other computer screen without disruption of the monitors or desktops. This has been working well... with one exception...

    On the taskbar, there's a mini representation of the desktop, which in two monitor mode, shows it as a wide desktop over two monitors, as expected, BUT whenever I use the KVM switch to peek at the other computer, the mini representation of the desktop squishes back to a single desktop on one monitor, even though KScreen 2 isn't running.

    There is still something in the interface that is triggering the mini desktop representation to update, even without it actually updating, as I am not using KScreen 2 and have a fixed desktop config of two monitors.

    1. Is there a user config fix for this?
    2. Where do I even report this? Is it related to KDE Plasma or KScreen 2?


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    Default Re: KDE Taskbar Mini Desktops Behavior

    More likely this is a Plasma issue that needs an upstream bug report.
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