Hi everyone, I too am facing the same issue except it's with another application but similar type of service - Mullvad. I'm believe I'm on the latest version of the system - Kernel version: 5.14.6-1 & KDE Plasma Version: 5.22.5

I think hcvv may be right on this
it is most probably not from any repo and maybe not even installed using zypper, but using rpm. That would make consulting YaST > Software Management something of a challenge .

Maybe the OP should first explain where that application is from and how he installed it.
Similarly, I also manually download the .rpm file for openSuse and the run it though YaST manually, it's not a smooth process because technically it's not an official file for openSuse as it was created for Fedora but it actually installs and the solution usually runs perfectly and has been for a long time even though Mullvad doesn't officially support it for openSuse. It's a bit of a hassle upon system start but its okay because the product works so well and it's so advanced that there are very few companies and products that works so brilliantly. I think IVPN may be the other one as well.

I'm sure the issue stemmed from the release of 5.14; I thought I'd try going back a couple of kernels from bootloader but I updated the system twice this past week and can only seem to go back to 5.14.5 (I think - not an expert) and I'm currently on 5.14.6.

I'm curious wd6746, does IVPN officially support openSuse, what other Linux distros do they officially support and did you contact support yet?