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Thread: Vivaldi not starting anymore after huge tumbleweed update

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    Default Re: Vivaldi not starting anymore after huge tumbleweed update

    The issue is your app used clone3() call and it is not supported in the sandbox.

    From the OpenSUSE Factory mailing list:

    The problem is more: too many people did not take it serious enough that
    glibc will use clone3() in the future. Some projects were sitting for
    about 6 month on fixes but did not include them or release fixed packages...

    The main problem is, that most projects using seccomp for sandboxing don't
    really think about the future, but only the past. So they look at what
    is currently in use and forbid everything else with "ENOPERM". And are
    surprised if suddenly new syscalls are added and their code breaks
    It would always be better to block unknown syscalls with "ENOSYS", so
    letting the application think the new syscall still does not exist. This
    gives the application (or in this case better glibc) the chance to use the
    old code as fallback.

    As long as the sandbox developers don't make their code future proof, we
    will have this problem again and again with every new syscall.
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    Default Re: Vivaldi not starting anymore after huge tumbleweed update [SOLVED]

    Quote Originally Posted by Svyatko View Post
    Use Vivaldi from Vivaldi's repo:

    Packman version is outdated - 2.1 vs. 4.2.
    Thank you so much! I installed the more recent version and it works without any problem.
    Next time I'll check that the packman version is not outdated.


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