Hello, this is my first time using any kind of forum so I apologize if I posted my question in the wrong section.

I'm learning Linux and I wanted to play around some containers. I installed MicroOS because the idea of it's immutability intrigued me. Also the distribution advertises itself about being the right choice for running containers. It seemed like a great choice for me.

When installing MicroOS I selected the option for running containers. Shortly after installing I learned that Podman could be run as a user so I did just that. Everything was fine until I read some of the documentation https://en.opensuse.org/Portal:Micro...ortant_Folders. The MicroOS documentation implies that the /var partition is separate from the root because "...snapshots and rollback have qgroups enabled on the root filesystem, which would be a massive performance bottleneck especially for containers". This seems to be fine for the root user because the Podman storage is configured to be located in /var. But as I understand it, for a standard user the Podman storage is located in /home which has those aforementioned "qgroups enabled".

Now I have no idea if I should run Podman as a user. What are those massive performance bottlenecks? Did I misunderstand something about the documentation? Should I move the Podman storage location from /home to /var for the user? Or should I run Podman as root?