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Thread: install by zypper dup force alternate kernel

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    Default Re: install by zypper dup force alternate kernel

    Quote Originally Posted by techtribe View Post
    Not sure what exactly is filesystem 84?
    I'm not sure about that.

    Note that it says "filesystem < 84". Checking the package description, the "filesystem" package gives the directory layout. And that recently changed with Tumbleweed. For example, with Tumbleweed "/bin" no longer exists as a separate directory and is instead a symlink to "/usr/bin". This might be a big problem for going back to Leap from current Tumbleweed.

    Perhaps a better plan would be to stay with Tumbleweed for now, and file a bug report. Perhaps that can persuade the kernel team to come up with a kernel for Leap 15.3 that supports your hardware.
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    Default Re: install by zypper dup force alternate kernel

    Well, I tried to ignore the filesystem 84 thing when executing the zypper dup, and it broke the installation. In fact, it broke the system, and it is no longer useable. As I mentioned, it is really not a problem because this was an experimental installation in a separate partition that I don't need, so I can still boot into tumbleweed on another partition and work on that.

    I think for now I will just try and run tumbleweed and see how it goes.

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    Default Re: install by zypper dup force alternate kernel

    What about providing full info about hardware?

    1st solution: change installation image:
    With your new hardware you'll need the newest kernel and possibly Mesa 3D.

    2nd solution: use SATA drive for Leap. May work.

    3rd solution: use SATA drive + add SATA controller.

    4th solution: PCIe lanes from CPU may not work, but these lanes from chipset may do.

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