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Thread: Feature request - kde - copy fileame

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    Default Feature request - kde - copy fileame

    I frequently use KDE to copy a filename than paste it into the console. It's the quickest way to get it there. I've done this for years, faster than doing it via the terminal window.

    click icon
    rename file
    highlight text and copy
    abort rename
    paste into console

    KDE has copy file. Can you add copy filename into the right-click menu? Add code.

    Is there is a way already a way to add this into the menu?


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    Default Re: Feature request - kde - copy fileame

    Three keys:
    1. F2 (Rename)
    2. Shift-End (make sure also the extension is selected)
    3. Ctrl-C (copy)

    Or one key, Ctrl+Alt+C

    Via, the GUI, right click on the file name, select "Copy Location"

    All tried under Tumbleweed, I would expect that also works for Leap 15.3

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