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Thread: want to install Miniconda - and afterwards i want to add VSCode

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    Default want to install Miniconda - and afterwards i want to add VSCode

    dear Community,

    I want to install Miniconda - and afterwards i want to add VSCode well i guess it is a bit more tricky:

    can we do it like so:

    we need a snippet that helps to create a directory to install miniconda into it,
    After we have set up this - then we can start to download the latest python 3 based install script for Linux 64 bit,

    Done so we an go ahead and try to execute or run the install script which helps us :- subsequently we can at the end delete the install script,

    Then - at this point we can do the adding and intializing of Conda:

    --a conda initialize to our bash or the so called zsh shell.

    That said: If we follow ths path then we at the enrestart your shell and conda will be ready to go.

    mkdir -p ~/miniconda3
    wget -O ~/miniconda3/
    bash ~/miniconda3/ -b -u -p ~/miniconda3
    rm -rf ~/miniconda3/
    ~/miniconda3/bin/conda init bash
    ~/miniconda3/bin/conda init zsh

    If we are here we can go ahead:
    # note: we just have done one important thing. We ve fetched Anaconda via wget

    that wen very nice.
    now we can do even more: the has got some cool basic options.
    Most notably we used -b to be able to run unattended, which means that all of the agreements are automatically accepted without user prompt.
    -u updates any existing installation in the directory of install if there is one. -p is the directory to install into.

    here i have a litte cheat sheet that helps us with the usage:

    see more /root/miniconda3/ [options]

    Installs Miniconda - the version - see 3 4.6.14

    -b           run install in batch mode (without manual intervention),
                 it is expected the license terms are agreed upon
    -f           no error if install prefix already exists
    -h           print this help message and exit
    -p PREFIX    install prefix, defaults to /root/miniconda3, must not contain spaces.
    -s           skip running pre/post-link/install scripts
    -u           update an existing installation
    -t           run package tests after installation (may install conda-build)
    at the end oft theday we have even more options

    Silent/Logged A quick and easy way to silence everything or to log it to a file during an automated install is to wrap the script into a bash function, or save it to its own file, and call the file. I like the function method since I can still copy it right into a terminal, or keep my install script as one single file.

    install_miniconda () {
    mkdir -p ~/miniconda3
    wget -O ~/miniconda3/
    bash ~/miniconda3/ -b -u -p ~/miniconda3
    rm -rf ~/miniconda3/
    ~/miniconda3/bin/conda init bash
    ~/miniconda3/bin/conda init zsh

    But wait: What do we do now: note: now we need to have packages and all that things.

    Question - well i want to give Miniconda a try.
    the question is - how to install vscode then!?
    dilbert ;-)
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    Default Re: want to install Miniconda - and afterwards i want to add VSCode

    You can install via rpm for vscode? I prefer the tarball and just create a softlink to ~/.vscode to my data directory for config files. The actual application off on another directory, just means manual update.
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