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Thread: Storage Device Problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrmazda View Post
    This looks to me like a reason to contact Seagate support, unless the laptop was asleep at those times, and still it might anyway
    Hi, I ran the diagnosis program installed in the BIOS (it's a DELL'S laptop) and it says that the test on the hard drive was unsuccesful.
    I thank you for your advice and support.

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    reads like a hardware problem. either a faulty USB-Hub or a faulty USB-stick

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    Hi everybody,

    I get exactly the same warning and it appeared around the same time ; it concerns one of this machine's SSD, the one on which OpenSuse is running (the other one is for W10). Smartctl does'nt report anything worrying, and (if I understand the meaning of this line correctly) says that my SSD has 93% of its lifetime left.

    Meanwhile I bought another SSD but I think the warning is probably due to a bug and, well, I'll keep it for a future replacement or install it on another machine !

    Kernel is 5.12.12-1-default.

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