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Thanks for reporting back.

My conclusion is that the problem is interference, this article is for WiFi, but the same holds for Bluetooth.

Can you tell what is your setup? Are you using a laptop with build in Bluetooth or are you using a Desktop with a Bluetooth dongle or ...?

If you are using a Bluetooth dongle, I can recommend to get a 2 meter USB extension cable and place the Bluetooth dongle 2 meter from the computer. Test the Bluetooth quality and if still not good, try some other places. If that does not work, try, for a test to disable all WiFi and check if then the problem is gone.

It's a little Zotak Zbox i5 with onboard intel Bluetooth, antenna is located at the front side of plastic casing. All Wi-Fi (incl. router, zbox and nearby computers) is always disabled. But I do have a 2.4GHz Logitech Mouse (yes, I use a good (shielded) extension cable for the mouse dongle).
As I have written, Windows works near perfect from the same box. Still thinking, that it is an interference? M.o. - no, it's a software problem.