Dear friends,

As far as possible, I kept studying tests to analyse what happens to the laptop. On Sunday, I noticed that a number of times the laptop entered a battery source mode though the cable was kept plugged in (in fact this sometimes happened, but just occasionally). That made me think what a deficient power source might do to the laptop. I just changed it to another source and, for while, the problem seems to be corrected. At least, up to the testes performed until now. Though I can't still state 100% this is the problem, it seems to be the right hypothesis. I spent much time trying to devise what was happening to the laptop; I do thank you for all your input, which made me know of a number of tools to investigate problems alike.
Now, I would like to keep solving the (less serious and last) other problem it has , which is the fan cooler to be at 100% speed even at basal work. I think this is one problem that must concern configuration and acpi. But maybe I had better start a new topic, no? I previously mentioned it here because I thought it might be related to the mouse scroll problem.