Hello, as you can read in the tile I have a problem with a game thats why I'm posting this here, but I think that is system problem, not shure.

The thing is, that I try to run the game Assetto Corsa with Custom Shader Patch, the problem is that check the file size of acs.pdb change in leap 15.2, here is the pictures in windows (same machine that leap 15.2):

here is the same file in kde plasma different machine:

And here is in my Leap 15.2:

This is the error that the game shows:

I try to save the file mounting a ramfs, ext4 image, a pendrive with ext4, and in my machine is allways the wrong size, I even try to send the file to my nas with opensuse leap 15.2 and the nas save correctly the file.

I don't know what's happen.