I have installed the latest windows 10 version as a guest OS into my opensuse 15.2. I do not have any mouse issues if using one video QXL, all issues occur if I add a second QXL which is need for Windows 10 to use more than one monitor from the host OS, my mouse issues are:
- mouse cursor will not show on windows 10
- if the cursor does appear then moving the mouse within the windows 10 environment will cause it to switch to the opensuse mouse cursor, im using the same keyboard&mouse for both guest and host OS
- or if the cursor appears then the mouse will not recognize the entire screen, this happens in full screen mode or in the default screen mode and regardless of the video resolution set on windows

I followed the spice guide for windows 10 which includes
- installing "spice-guest-tools" into windows 10
- adding the second video QXL
- Adjusting the vgamem to their recommendations

For my computer setup Im using the same keyboard&mouse for windows and opensuse, I dont have a gpu so Im using two video outputs from my motherboard to drive two monitors, I dont know if it matters but one monitor is VGA and the other monitor is HDMI, my bios is set to do multi-monitor.

any ideas as to why my mouse behaves so strange?