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Thread: FreeCAD broken version bug report?

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    Default FreeCAD broken version bug report?

    it seems that Tumbleweed offers a broken version of FreeCAD
    that fails to open existing FreeCAD files

    i can confirm the problem reported in detail
    by another user on the FreeCAD forum:

    how to report the issue to the openSUSE team

    i failed to access

    "The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Please contact SUSE customer support."


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    Default Re: FreeCAD broken version bug report?

    Indeed, bugzilla does appear to have fallen over at the moment.

    You could either wait a while for bugzilla to recover, or, alternatively leave a comment on the open build service for FreeCad:
    Regards, Paul

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    2x Leap 15.2 KDE Plasma 5

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    Default Re: FreeCAD broken version bug report?

    Supposedly FreeCAD cannot use Qt 6, which is not yet ready for work.

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