Hey there OpenSUSE Community,

I'm not sure what might be the cause of this and I can't seem to find a solution with my Duck-fu work so I wanted to reach out to the community for some assistance on an unexpected issue that I am having with my system that started today.

When I join any session in Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet my input values provide an extreme echo that leads into a tapering shriek for the other end. Too, if a user on the other end provides enough audio input of their own my output will provide an echo on my side.

Opening the session and doing a pre-input/output provides no showing of this expected experience. However, once I join or start a session the input/output complication begins.

I have referenced this article by OpenSUSE but i don't seem to have made any gains using the recommendations provided in the article:

HTML Code:
Playing simple audio from things like YouTube or other media sources provide no complications. Too, I have tried using Brave, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome with the same experience in each browser.

I'm really stumped and can't figure out what I have changed to cause this issue...

Thanks so much for your suggestions and review of this issue.