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Thread: Why I switched from openSUSE to Manjaro

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    Default Re: Why I switched from openSUSE to Manjaro

    Quote Originally Posted by malcolmlewis View Post
    Yes, I meant that too, however there is a priority with base packages, desktop packages, the rest (leaf packages). The base and desktop packages get major attention, the leaf packages which is the one I linked to and others I maintain take time to get through the process. For example my cherrytree update was submitted on 3/28 accepted on 4/12 it will likely be in the next snapshot but still about 2 weeks to get through the process (folks go on holiday etc). If there is a particular package waiting, you can go and add a comment to see if it can get priority. AFAIK Legal review has been a major hold up, but again the process has changed to look at skipping this until it's in the release and then action if required.

    The openSUSE Distribution is a do-ocrity, a friendly request won't go missed if you need something, you don't need to be a packager... but if you stay quiet no one knows....

    Get involved/helping with the mirror infrastructure, if the Heroes don't know of user issues, how can it be resolved?

    Likewise CVE's will get released pretty quick and if necessary pushed to the update repo to avoid the likes of above.

    Packagers get notification of build issues, likewise I get updates of source updates for some, I expect other maintainers get the same. On the Mailing List there are build failure notifications, if no action they get deleted from Tumbleweed.
    I will need to move one of my machines to Manjaro. I heavily use suspend to RAM and never turn it off.

    With all of openSUSE Leap and Tumbleweed suspend to RAM fails since July. The same machine suspends to RAM flawlessly with any version of Fedora, Kubuntu and and Manjaro since I bought the components last year. Heroes are clueless:
    AMD Athlon 4850e (2009), openSUSE 13.1, KDE 4, Intel i3-4130 (2014), i7-6700K (2016), i5-8250U (2018), AMD Ryzen 5 3400G (2020), openSUSE Tumbleweed, KDE Plasma 5

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    Default Re: Why I switched from openSUSE to Manjaro

    Quote Originally Posted by MirceaKitsune View Post
    While openSUSE remains my second favorite and a very user friendly distribution, I consider that Manjaro has taken the lead over SUSE in most areas.
    My personal view is, to simply ask the question –
    How is the distribution funded?
    • The servers have to be paid for …
    • Someone has to pay the electricity bills …
    • Somebody has to pay for the access to the Internet …

    There ain't no such thing as a free lunch …
    • Free beer is also an illusion …

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