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Thread: KDE Plasma (*) Display Complications

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    Default Re: KDE Plasma (*) Display Complications

    Thanks for the update and glad to read of your progress here. Well done!
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    Default Re: KDE Plasma (*) Display Complications

    Quote Originally Posted by MoonyGar View Post
    The left monitor is 75Hz while the right was set at 30Hz.
    According to comment #14, both were running @60Hz. Comment #6 would have reported refresh had you taken inxi's hint that xdpyinfo needed to be installed. should also have shown the rates. Maybe it does, but I couldn't spot whichever modeline(s) were actually in use. Why automagic wasn't working remains a mystery. Xrandr in comment #14 lists the native modes as 1920x1080@60, so that's what should automatically be used. To me your experience speaks broken Kscreen. Good that it's working now.
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    Default Re: KDE Plasma (*) Display Complications

    Good evening mrmazda and deano_ferrari,

    I wanted to reach back out and follow up on this thread with some updates that have occurred with my experience and something I noticed recently.

    I wasn't sure if originated with the fact that I was using 15.3 (I doubt it) so I installed 15.2 to do some change testing. While doing the installation, I found something interesting that I overlooked when doing the install of 15.3.

    The lab box I am running is taking in an NVIDIA Corporation GP106 [GeForce GTX 1060 6G video card - and (!) here I believe the source of my problem.

    Here's my reasoning on why: Mesa-dri-nouveau

    Information for package Mesa-dri-nouveau:
    Repository     : Main Repository
    Name           : Mesa-dri-nouveau
    Version        : 19.3.4-lp152.27.1
    Arch           : x86_64
    Vendor         : openSUSE
    Installed Size : 31.0 MiB
    Installed      : No
    Status         : not installed
    Source package : Mesa-drivers-19.3.4-lp152.27.1.src
    Summary        : Mesa DRI plug-in for 3D acceleration via Nouveau
    Description    : 
        This package contains, which is necessary for
        Nouveau's 3D acceleration to work. It is packaged separately
        since it is still experimental.
    During the Yast installation, there is a pop-up window that warns the installer that Mesa-dri-nouveau has known complications; one most noticeable being it has notable experiences breaking KDE. (Important to note, during this installation, I went went with XFCE and still this pop-up came up to warn me.) Likely while I was installing 15.3, I saw the pop-up box and treated it like we do with EULA's "Words, too much to consider - accept." (LOL)

    After installation of 15.2, my right monitor in XFCE opened, showed the background, and then went and stayed black; oddly, the mouse would show but any window brought into that monitor - disappeared.

    Considering that the video card might be having issues with drivers, I went to OpenSUSE's Wiki for instructions on NVIDIA drivers. This is what I read and implemented. After reboot, the system's resolution and screens are working properly.

    Wiki page reference:
    HTML Code:
    As you mentioned in your post, mrmazda, there might be a break in the kscreen. However, being I took the nuclear option, I can't confirm this; sorry.

    However, I do plan to implement a KVM set up on this lab and shoot up a 15.3/KDE Plasma system with similar steps taken as I have with XFCE.

    I know this subject is being dragged out for awhile but I just wanted to share what findings I keep digging up. (lol, I have a hard time letting things going, as you can see lol)

    I hope you both are well, and I look forward to adding more information to this soon.
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