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Thread: Corrupted Home folder link ?

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    Default Corrupted Home folder link ?

    From time to time I experience this strange behaviour: I have a (Nautilus) home folder on my Desktop that I can open with a double click or from the context list. Now, all of a sudden (after taking a Software update with Yast, for example?), opening the home folder is not opened, but instead the Kaffeine application is started . What is going on here? How can I correct this?

    Precisely this behaviour has propped up from time to time during the various lifetimes of Leap. 'Show in Files' works normally and access to the file system is otherwise possible via the Nautilus Files icon, but obviously the strange behaviour isn't right.
    Somehow the Home folder link on the Desktop has become corrupted.

    My versions:
    Linux 5.3.18-lp152.69-default x86_64
    Gnome Version 3.34.7

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    Quote Originally Posted by hnimmo View Post
    Somehow the Home folder link on the Desktop has become corrupted.
    Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be anything relevant in the openSUSE GNOME User Guide – <> – but –

    GNOME uses the user's ‘~/.cache/’ directory for some things – cleaning out the user's Cache directory and then logging out and back in again may also alleviate this issue.

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