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Thread: Docking Station unplugged; No Panel UI

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    Question Docking Station unplugged; No Panel UI


    I am experiencing an issue after using OpenSuse KDE for a few days as my main OS. I use a USB-C Thunderbolt docking station to connect to multiple displays. I just noticed when I rebooted to the OS on the unplugged laptop, that the panel UI was not visible. In Display settings, the external monitor was set to Primary (So I could set games to fullscreen on the external monitor). IS there any information I can submit to help fix this "bug"?

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    I don't have a laptop or docking station, but I do occasionally startup without remembering to have both or all three displays turned on. IIRC something that may have helped is unchecking the KScreen 2 box in systemsettings5 -> startup & shutdown -> background services. My multiple display layout configurations I manage using xrandr in a startup script I create myself located in /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrd.d/. The one employed by my current session is:
    xrandr --dpi 120 --output DisplayPort-0 --mode 2560x1440 --primary --output HDMI-A-0 --mode 2560x1080 --above DisplayPort-0
    When intentionally not using both displays, I start the session without any layout script. When I forget, I get odd results, like offscreen window titlebars, or missing panel.
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