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I don't know I am writing in right place, but I need newest version of spacenav, numbered as 0.8. It was rewritten and supports Magellan serial 6DOF joystick natively.
Newest version found in repos is only 0.7.1, which is unfortunately useless for me. Also, I can't make it work in Tumbleweed, when compiled from source - looks like I can't start this in proper way - maybe since there is not a standard /etc/init.d directory (source packages of spacenav contains some scripts to make installation easier).

Are here any people, that are responsible for building packages and can help me?

Spacenav homepage ---> http://spacenav.sourceforge.net/

Thank you very much!
Hi and welcome to the Forum
I've asked the maintainers to update by adding a comment to the development package repo.... https://build.opensuse.org/package/s...ware/spacenavd