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Thread: kdewallet error 53 after changing pgp keys

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    Default kdewallet error 53 after changing pgp keys

    Hi all,

    I'm somewhat lost in space between kdewallet, kleopatra, and Kgpg...
    Kgpg shows my own keys plus pgp keys from people I know/trust. kleopatra shows my own keys (only). kdewallet shows my stored passwords for kde/plasma etc. apps.

    Whyever this now happens, but: Yesterday I've created a new pgp key pair, certified it by Governikus via the German nPA, and published the signed pub key to the public key servers.
    Set exp. date for the previous, very old pgp key ("certified" by German "c't Cryptpokampagne" long ago ), created a revocation certificate and uploaded this also to the public key servers.

    NOW my kdewallet complains (error 53, see screenshot) "encryption errror", I've used this pgp key to encrypt the wallet, also long ago.


    Any hints how to get rid of this error, shown always after reboot / plasma login?
    I can see all my passwords etc. in kdewallet, so decryption works.


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    Default Re: kdewallet error 53 after changing pgp keys

    If you can see all of your keys, then I suggest:

    1: save keys to an xml file. You can use kwallet-manager for that.
    2: delete the wallet delete everything in ".local/share/kwalletd". It's best to do that while not logged into KDE (login to "icewm").
    3. Login again to KDE, and redo the setup of kdewallet
    4: Import your keys from the saved file.
    5: maybe shred that file where you saved the keys.
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    Default Re: kdewallet error 53 after changing pgp keys

    @nrickert: THANKS for this great hint! Needed a reboot as whatever other process locked the kdewallet, but now I've a new kdewallet, encrypted with my current openpgp key.

    Maybe worth mentioning for others with same issue: New wallet should/must be named "kdewallet". Tried my user name "michael" at first, but progs like chromium expects fixed name "kdewallet".

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