I've searched the forum and can't see anything exactly like this so I hope I'm not repeating something already documented.

I've just installed an MSI GT1030 card and the nvidia drivers.

I now have what seems to be two resolutions on the screen. On the desktop, application dashboard and in window title bars the resolution seems to be as expected (3840x2160) but when I hover over a window the mouse doubles in size and everything is too large. (fonts, menu items etc. Everything basically) Typing this my mouse cursor is at least double the size of my fonts.

The cursor is set to resolution dependant. If I force 24pts it doesn't alter in size when over a window.

Is this a dpi issue or some sort of config problem?

This is a new install of 15.2KDE but I had an older graphics card if for a start.

I'm a bit lost with it. Used Opensuse for many many years, sometimes with nvidia and not had this before.

When I initially installed the card without nvidia's driver everything was fine (apart from performance).