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Thread: Webcam elianzo driver

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    Solved the problem could now change the resolution with webcamoid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anton View Post
    I see no vendor name :
    Bus 002 Device 005: ID 1b3f:2247 Generalplus Technology Inc.
    Anton, thanks for sharing your solution.

    I do note that that information was what we needed to help - but I see now you have solved which is great.

    For anyone else watching this thread, here is a problem solving technique. I used the (late provided) info from 'anton' and I did a google search using as a search criteria: " Generalplus Technology Inc. webcam 1b3f:2247 "

    That gave me a number of hits, but one at the top of the google list was this:

    Date of post: : 23-08-2020

    It refers to that same web cam, describing the same problem , and gives that fix.
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