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Thread: Randomly Freezes

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    Angry Randomly Freezes


    I had Opensuse with gnome and had many freeze, the only way was to turn off the computer and start again.

    Did formated to Opensuse tumbleweed KDE, and still having this issue. Couldn't see anything in journalctl.

    Also was thinking about hardware issues, i do have 2 SSD's, switched then, installed windows in the second one and this problem doesn't happens there.

    Since this is my first time posting, Which logs should i provide ?

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Randomly Freezes

    There is anyone that can help ?

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    What CPU and mobo do you have?

    Hint: If you say Ryzen, I'll suggest you search here and/or Google for "Ryzen freeze" where you will find a lot of activity.
    Desk: Ryzen5 Leap 15.1
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