I like the variety wallpaper changer and it doesn't work with default kde config. It just gives an error message saying that it won't work if gadgets are locked (and doesn't work anyway even if they are not locked). It used to work on Solus linux, so I cheated and stealed their solution.

The correction is rather simple. Just add the qdbus command to make the wallpaper change possible with the actual script;

Here are the details :
1 - the script to change wallpaper is at : $HOME/.config/variety/scripts/set_wallpaper and the only reason it doesn't work is because the qdbus executable doesn't have the correct name.

With KDE you already have the package libqt5-qdbus installed and the following executable /usr/bin/qdbus-qt5 in place.
But in other OSes it seems it is called qdbus instead of qdbus-qt5.

As root create the following link to an alternate name : # ln -s /usr/bin/qdbus-qt5 /usr/bin/qdbus
And start variety or, if it is already started, right click on the icon and select "next" to switch to a new image now and it should work.

And voilà you have a functional "variety" now.

Now it would be great to correct it directly in the OpenSUSE libqt5-qdbus package.