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Thread: Emoji no longer showing

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    Question Emoji no longer showing

    Any ideas? It was working perfectly fine until the last Tumbleweed upgrade a couple of days ago. I just tried another zypper dup + zypper install --force fetchmsttfonts to no avail.

    The problem manifests itself not only in KCharSelect but also elsewhere in the KDE interface. Copying and pasting emoji / Astral plane stuff works as usual in non-KDE applications such as LibreOffice and Thunderbird but not, e.g., in KWrite or Konsole (or xterm, though not sure if that ever had any proper Unicode support).

    Note that if I change the font selection in KCharSelect to, for instance, Noto Color Emoji then it does work (, but not with Noto Sans. However, I don't know if Noto Sans ever did show emoji, whereas my default Arial selection did, and the problem is not limited to KCharSelect anyway.

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    Question Re: Emoji no longer showing

    Hi, just bumping this. Any idea what might have changed?

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