After a recent upgrade from LEAP 15.1 to LEAP 15.2, no browser will start.

When launching Chromium:

[13560:13560:0929/] Network service crashed, restarting service.
[13835:13841:0929/] Error initializing NSS with a persistent database (sql:/home/<user>/.pki/nssdb): cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[13835:13841:0929/] Error initializing NSS without a persistent database: NSS error code: -5925
[13835:13841:0929/] nss_error=-5925, os_error=0

Similar for Opera.

MS Team Insider and Pidgin also no longer launch, but I do not have any debug log for them. Can get if I know how.

the ~/.pki directory is owned by the user as is the files currently in it, probably left over from the 15.1 install.

I have tried the removal of the related config directories, the exact same error persists.

Interesting is the VirtualBox 6.1.14 r140239 (Qt5.12.7) start up and networking is AOK. Browsers, Teams, etc. all connect without issue.