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Thread: Konqueror will not launch poroperly

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    Default Konqueror will not launch poroperly

    Same as
    The konq protocol is missing.

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    Default Re: Konqueror will not launch poroperly

    You can configure which engine is used by konqueror.

    I have it configured to use "WebEngine", and it is fine with "about:blank" as a url. But it complains about "bookmarks:".

    If I configure it for "webkit" or "khtml" then it is fine with "bookmarks:" but it complains about the "Be Free" start page and it complains about the "about:blank" page.

    So, yes, there's an inconsistency there.

    If you want to use WebEngine, you may need to install "webenginepart". I use it because konqueror is more stable with "WebEngine" than it is with "webkit".
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    Default Re: Konqueror will not launch poroperly

    It works OK on my system.

    I also use webengine as the backengine (which needs the webenginepart rpm) and have the kwebkitpart rpm installed which provides the webkit backengine. It might be worth giving them both a try to see if it sorts out your problem.

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