Here's a new trick, just published within the past day...

For those who are DOS aficionados,
You know how difficult it can be to run DOS on today's MSWindows because for various reasons systems are architecturally backwards compatible only one generation. This means that when MSWindows introduced Win95, it retained backwards compatibility to support running DOS and Win16 natively but when Windows moved to full 64-bit, it only today retains backwards compatibility to 32-bit and 16-bit was dropped.

By a combination of using WSL that now runs a real Linux kernel and the use of QEMU, an enterprising software developer has created DOS Subsystem for Linux that runs a real DOS 6.22 kernel (IIRC the last important version. Later DOS were not as important). No emulation. No translations. Real DOS with all its early limitations.

I haven't tried to run this, but it seems like something significant to know.
And, of course if you're not running MSWindows, it's also a roadmap to running DOS on Linux.

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