With openSUSE 15.2, closing boinc manager now kills the boinc client service running in the background and stops computations. I am using the boinc client and manager apps from openSUSE software management repos. The manager version now running is labeled as: 7.16.6. I have verified this behavior multiple times. I let boinc run continuously for month without looking at it much in the background and I don't wish to keep the manager running. Boinc runs fine except for this issue.

With openSUSE 15.1, closing boinc manager did not kill boinc client. I racked up 1.5 million statistics points running boinc for months on 15.1 and started and stopped manager many times.

I am hoping for someone to verify this behavior on 15.2 with boinc manager version 7.16.6. This would eliminate some quirk with my system.
I am also looking for the version that ran on 15.1.
If a different boinc version, how can a replace the version I have now with the earlier version. Perhaps just put the 15.1 Main Repository repo back into my repo list temporarily to download boinc manager???
If the versions are the same, what if anything could have changed in openSUSE between 15.1 and 15.2 to change this behavior? I don't think this to be likely but who knows.

If the 15.1 and15.2 manager versions are the same but behave differently, then I don't see that this is an openSUSE issue and I need to take up this issue with boinc as I see it.

Any ideas? thanks

tom kosvic