Hello all,

I want to use OpenSuse Leap 15.2 JeOS appliances to distribute my custom software (a few RPMs).

I know we have appliances already built for different environments at http://download.opensuse.org/distrib....2/appliances/ web page.

I just want to edit these appliances and add a Repository address as well as want to install a few RPMs, then bundle it up again. I read kiwi-ng but could not find details for JeOS appliances kiwi/xml file details. Also i dont want to re-invent whole process in order to just to add a few RPMs and one repository address.

What would be the best method to proceed? How can one edit these already built appliances for customization and re-package them? If editing/updating an appliance is not feasible/easy then can you kindly just share a config.xml or KIWI file for these appliances for local builds?

I do thank you for your helps in advance and looking forward hearing your ideas/feedbacks,