On a friend's HP laptop I installed Leap 15.1 and got his wireless Realtek 8723DE to work using Sauerland's repo. I am grateful that this helped but expected that in 15.2 it would work out of the box. I was finally able to upgrade to 15.2 but unluckily no wifi and I had to install rtlwifi_new-extended-kmp-default from Sauerland. Again, grateful, but it should work without third party repo's, even more so because to get this to work I had to disable secure boot.

I read at Larry Finger's github page that the 8723DE driver was now incorporated into the rtw88 kernel module, which seems to be installed by default, as well as the mentioned firmware for 8723DE, but it is just not working.

Has anybody been able to get this wireless device to work without installing third party drivers?

Any help would be appreciated