My brother was the main creator and developer of three open source projects. He passed recently. I would hope that his projects would be continued, as he's a believer in open source. The projects require physics and mathematics expertise, which made it difficult to find contributors, so he mainly maintained and developed it himself.

I would like to get some ideas as to what to do to find some developers that might want to extend, but maybe, ultimately, just maintain it, as there are updates to libraries he might have used.

I won't list the projects here yet, (which I'm sure would be useful for some to evaluate the difficulty). I'm just hoping to get some ideas for now, as it's a very fresh development and I'm still processing what he would have wanted.

First off, it's freely hosted on sourceforge, so I think that will be fine for the code to continuing living on. Has anyone dealt with requesting login to assume a project?

Thank you.