I recently installed the Trinity Desktop in 15.2 and although I did want Tdm instead of Sddm It exhibited a behavior that I don't like which is all to common at least in openSUSE these days and is also very reminiscent of a Windows behavior that I do not like whatsoever either. It switched the system over to Tdm without me telling it to do so. I can understand that setting a default app on install could make sense such as when installing the entire system, but after that I don't like it and I think that anybody who sets it up to work that way should be drug out and shot. (Just a little joke there) This however is not the reason for my post.

I live alone. Nobody uses my machine but me so I like to use auto login and passwordless logins for my everyday user. That's why I like Tdm. It gave me these options all the way back to when Trinity was Kde 3, but right now the auto login is not working unless I set it to persistent. Enabling this means the system will log me straight back in if I simply log out to change desktops without giving me the option to do so. If is not made persistent and I start up or reboot the system it will stop at the login screen and I will be forced to manually log in.

Anybody know why and how to fix it so the system will boot straight to the desktop at start up or a reboot but not automatically log back in after I simply log out?

I have auto login and passwordless logins enabled in Yast User/Group settings but the system doesn't seem to care about that either way.