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Thread: How have others chosen OpenSUSE among all the distros available

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    Default Re: How have others chosen OpenSUSE among all the distros available

    I agree with others, this community is one of (if not) the best I have used. It is friendly, professional and courteous even when I have a senior moment and forget to provide something I should have to aid debugging!


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    Default Re: How have others chosen OpenSUSE among all the distros available

    When I was trying it out for the first time around openSUSE 11.3 version I saw some hate towards the distribution for having some "shady ties" to Microsoft. I wanted to see for myself if this was true and it turned out it wasn't. I also liked zypper much more than different apt-something commands for managing software. Last but not least (maybe in fact most important) the people on the forums were friendly and helpful so I stayed. Turned out it was a pretty good decision as it's a great distribution and I learned a lot in the process.
    Best regards,

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    Default Re: How have others chosen OpenSUSE among all the distros available

    I came in from Ubuntu to SUSE 10.0. Ubuntu is Ok but at the time the it was Breezy badger as I recall. the rightly so for beginners most things there was done for you. at the time I didn't know that. This included the video drivers while ubuntu is okay their thing about upgrading it every 6 months to me became a bit of a pain as some of those updates were kind of like half baked.
    So I went to fedora where I thought they would have better updating then they did had Ubuntu. It was then I found out about video drivers and how they're necessary. When I asked at that forum one of their members told me, "to go back and suck on the *** of Windows where I belonged!"
    That's no way to treat people I don't care what you are so I left.
    In the Mozilla browser forums one of the posters there recommended Suse 10 so I came here.
    I noticed that Suse that upgraded every 8 months I figured that to mean that they would have their stuff together on the updates. I mentioned the video drivers because when I came to Suse I didn't know about these things. Adopting my usual procedure of ignorance is not an obstacle. I took out to learn about video drivers. I have nothing but praise for this community in this forum who not only taught me about video drivers But ultimately where I could get them for Suse. Also for having the patience to put up with my ignorant questions because of well my ignorance! Though I since become more of a lurker lately than a poster I always get and learn more things from here. Also I'm not treated as stupid here!
    4 things in this order got me to stay here
    1 this community for the aforementioned reasons
    2 the fact that I can put almost anything on to this distro and it will stick flatpack or not
    3 YAST
    4 OBS
    I'm just a curious cat
    My 64 bit: CPU AMD RYZEN 9 3900X 12 Core GPU MSI Radeon RX5600 XT
    Opensuse Tumbleweed Plasma 5

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    Default Re: How have others chosen OpenSUSE among all the distros available

    I was familiar with SuSE from years ago.Then I got away from it, for a number of years. When it was time to get away from Win10,It was a natural choice for me.
    IMO, OpenSuse installed easier, and is more user friendly than others I tried(and I did try a more than a a few).
    HP Compaq desktop Leap15.2, Win10, Win7
    Toshiba laptops Leap15.2 & Win10, HP AiO Win10.
    I can now print with openSuSe Leap! Can Scan now, could be better!!
    I can backup my iPod and iPad with Windows, can't with Linux.(Will get there someday!)

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    Default Re: How have others chosen OpenSUSE among all the distros available

    I used Centos until Walmart went with SLES 11 in 2009 from HPUX (Walmart was not happy with Itanium HPUX).
    Since I supported Walmart - I switched to OpenSUSE on my machines (HP did not give me a HPUX machine - I had my Centos pc to support HPUX then OpenSUSE.)
    I was used to YUM and had to learn zypper. Not really difficult to switch.
    OpenSUSE forum was much better than Centos.
    I still have Ubuntu virtual machine with MATE and Ubuntu on my Raspberry Pi4 8GB - their Pi4 version everything works sound USB ports multiple video. I could not get sound to sync in VLC on OpenSUSE for Pi4 (and no MATE version - you have to load server and then add MATE).

    I started with Mandrake, then Debian, Fedora, Centos, and now OpenSUSE.
    Opensuse 15.2 with VirtualBox VM's (XP, 10 & OpenSUSE 15.0)
    Pi4 with Ubuntu MATE 20.04
    Unix since 1974 (pdp-11 in "B" , Interdata 7/32 in "C") (AT&T, Tandy, Convergent, IBM, NCR, HP flavors)
    Linux since 1995 (mandrake, redhat, fedora, centos, now OpenSUSE)

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    Cool Re: How have others chosen OpenSUSE among all the distros available

    In 1986 I began an intimate working relationship with Ultrix – the DEC UNIX®.

    Interim period with VAX/VMS and, a continued intimate working relationship with DEC 16-bit operating systems …

    Around 1998 I walked into a local university bookshop and bought a “Power Linux” box (LST Software GmbH) – book plus diskettes – it was OK …
    Noticed that, Power Linux was compatible to Caldera and Red Hat – noticed a Red Hat box in another bookshop and bought that – installed it and sort of got used to it.

    Was busy with other things for a few years.

    Noticed that, there was another distribution near here and, that boxed versions were available in the local book stores – and, a colleague mentioned that the Handbook was detailed and good – bought a SuSE 8.1 Professional box.

    Despite a brief encounter with Red Hat on a customer's site, personally, I've not moved away from openSUSE …

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    Default Re: How have others chosen OpenSUSE among all the distros available

    I'm using openSUSE on this netbook because it is the only distro I've tried that works with only minor tweaking. I'm using Leap with Gnome, as I had problems with KDE. I'm using a low spec HP netbook for this, and it has a touch screen, bluetooth, WiFi but no RJ45 connector. I had Ubuntu on it, but that stopped rand I got fed up with hunting for fixes on Google.

    I have a larger Notebook running Windows 10, but Microsoft keeps messing around with the OS, and they are insisting that I use scammy Cortana and Onedrive, and it is getting impossible to remove or disable them. It's far easier to swop out the hard drive, and install a Linux variant. I wanted to use Kali for pen testing, but I'm tempted to standardise on openSUSE between all machines. It seems to be pretty efficient, so it might be ideal for use as a solar powered 12volt system as a permanent comms centre in my van.

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