Lately I've been experimenting with multiversion/multidistro management on my laptop. This is somewhat of a follow up to my post (https://forums.opensuse.org/showthre...ot-Linus-stick) but instead of "rotating" OS external drive, I have turned the boot SSD into a "rotating" boot system.

Following some of the suggestions made at this forums the partition table looks something like this (all gpt and efi boots):
nvme0n1p1 = 300MB Linux EFI
nvme0n1p2 = 100MB W10 EFI
nvme0n1p3 = 16MB W10 system reserved
nvme0n1p4 = 300GB W10 system
nvme0n1p5 = 500MB W10 system reserved
nvme0n1p6 = 55 GB LEAP 15.2 system EXT4
nvme0n1p7 = 55 GB LEAP 15.1 system EXT4
nvme0n1p8 = 55 GB LEAP TW system BTRFS
and my HDD
sda1 = 500GB W10 dedicated NTFS
sda2 = 900GB Shared data NTFS
sda3 = 500GB Linux /home EXT4
and my /home in sda3 has the following "users"
each distro only has respective user available for the respective system.
However all of the non-hidden directories at ~/ (or $HOME) are actually locaated in /home/common and symbolically linked to each user.

The purpose of this system is to always have one up-to-date stable distro (for now both 15.1 and 15.2), and one rolling distro (TW for now). This is so that I will have at least one up-to-date and working linux system at all times while being able to test a new one, and have the bleeding edge.

As soon as I am done testing 15.2, I will be wiping out 15.1 and I will probably testing some other OS in its place. Some questions that I would like to ask.

  1. Is there a better way to manage files/data in between users than to use a /home/common and symbollically linking to respective user for respective OS?
  2. Are there any consequences of sharing all of the non-hidden directories at $HOME?
  3. Are there any configuration files and directories such as .thunderbird that can be shared between without any issues?
  4. Say, when I delete the LEAP 15.1 partition, will there be any consequences to the grub? For example, if I boot from LEAP 15.2, and wipe the partition for 15.1, then use bootloader to reconfigure /boot/grub2/grub.cfg, will the os-prober do its job properly and delete any entries that used to belong to LEAP 15.1?