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    For those using wicked to setup WiFi at boot time:

    Make sure that you setup the wpa_supplicant service afterwards for boot time using WiFi configuration or network setup of WiFi using Yast will not work. I discovered this when I transitioned the configuration from Network Manager to wicked. make sure it starts at boot. I kept trying to configure the network with no results in Yast. It took a few cycles of confusion before I checked to make sure that wicked was started. That's when I discovered that Yast was not setting up the wpa_supplicant service at all during setup of the network at boot time.

    My system is a desktop. Network Manager is great for laptops and pointless for desktops. I do not own a laptop - yet.


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    Re: Network Manager is great for laptops and pointless for desktops

    May depend on whether user is using their ISP's router, or setting up their own router to service their local network.

    BTW adding local addresses info into /etc/hosts usually makes your local computer addresses available at start-up

    Extract :
    # hosts This file describes a number of hostname-to-address
    # mappings for the TCP/IP subsystem. It is mostly
    # used at boot time, when no name servers are running.
    # On small systems, this file can be used instead of a
    # "named" name server.

    Self long term a happy GNOME user with NetworkManager as is still suggested for Desktop users:


    OpenSUSE Leap 15.2

    GNOME User Guide
    2.5 Managing Internet Connections

    To surf the Web or send and receive e-mail messages, you must have configured an Internet
    connection. If you have installed openSUSE Leap on a laptop or a mobile device, NetworkMan-
    ager is enabled by default. On the GNOME desktop, you can then establish Internet connections
    with NetworkManager as described in Book “Reference”, Chapter 28 “Using NetworkManager”, Sec-
    tion 28.3 “Configuring Network Connections” .

    Depending on your environment, you can choose in YaST which basic service to use for setting
    up network connections (either NetworkManager or wicked). For details, see Book “Reference”,
    Chapter 13 “Basic Networking”, Section “Configuring Global Networking Options” .

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    Default Re: Wicked for desktops

    I use Network Manager with a couple of desktops. I like the way Network Manager works with my openvpn service better than the way wicked uses with it. IMHO each to their own.

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    Default Re: Wicked for desktops

    If your machine's location is static and never connects to the one access point, it does not matter whether you connect to your Provider's equipment or your own or whether your machine is a laptop or other mobile device, you can set up Wicked if you wish for your WiFi connection without any problem.
    As described, you will need to "enable" you'r wpa_supplicant.service, that may be something new in 15.2... I don't remember for sure but the service may have been enabled for earlier LEAP 15.

    If you prefer to use Network Manager instead of Wicked for even statically located machines, that's not a problem either.

    There really shouldn't be any advantage to using Wicked or Network Manager if your machine never moves.
    It's only when your machine is portable and might connect to different Access Points that Network Manager is highly recommended due to its ability to store multiple connection settings.

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