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So there is a test, which proves the case, but the developer says this is NOT recommended

cd /usr/lib64
sudo ln -s libavformat.so.58.45.100 libavformat.so.58
There is a point and click way to achieve this by tying Audacity to the specific libavformat.so.58.45.100 library

I found this after removing my above soft link, and then restarting Audacity gave a blurb that said it couldn't find it's FFMpeg Library, and you need to go to Preferences to set it

So if you go:

Edit > Preferences > Libraries Tab

You have LAME export Library, or FFMpeg import /export library and then choose the Locate button

This is where it tells you it is explicitly looking for libavformat.so.58

So first, browse to /usr/lib64/

and then you need to deselect the file option of only "libavformat.so" and pick the "Dynamically linked libraries (*.so.*)" option

and then pick libavformat.so.58.45 (which is a link to the full library libavformat.so.58.45.100)

And then you will find your wav files (and possibly other formats that had stopped working?) will load.

This is obviously tying you to a specific library, so should only be used as a short term workaround, and you may want to keep an eye on further updates, as it will probably break at some point, as a new version is released

Hope that all makes sense